why contentment is the key


 WHY CONTENTMENT IS THE KEY: by Nollywood actor  Babatunde Usman popularly known as OKELE
why contentment is the key

Contentment is a peaceful ease of mind. It’s being satisfied with what you have, whatever that is. You might feel a sense of contentment knowing you have a cup of hot chocolate and a good movie to look forward to tonight. Or you might experience contentment thinking about the vast estate you just purchased in the island. Whatever is going on in your life, you’re pleased about it.that is the sense of contentment for me. Straight to business of the day my fans around the world. I am Babatunde Usman popularly known as Okele

How can you create a life of contentment? Here are some thoughts:



Stop acquiring things. In fact, simplify what you have. Remove the mental and physical clutter from your life and focus on those things which truly enhance your life. We are trained to believe that the cure for unhappiness and discontent is to purchase something. But material things never address or cure the root of our discontentment. They only clutter our space and empty our bank accounts. Rather than returning to the habit of spending when you feel bad, take the time to examine why you truly feel bad and discontent.


We spend far more time immersed in negative thoughts about our lives than we do seeing the beauty and good all around us. We focus on our problems, our lack, our suffering rather than allowing ourselves to focus on gratitude and joy for the amazing blessings in our lives. When you find yourself longing, ruminating about the bad stuff, stop yourself and intentionally choose something or someone you are grateful for and dwell on positive thoughts about this. Allow yourself to soak in the contentment and peace of gratitude.

take a tour
take a tour

It’s hard to be unhappy when you are outside in a beautiful setting. Go for a tourist center, a cinema, a day at the beach, a drive to the mountains. Have a picnic. Sit by a stream. When you are outside, take a few minutes to close your eyes. Breath deeply and listen to the sounds of nature. The birds, the wind, the rustle of leaves, water lapping. Time in nature reminds us that contentment is just on the other side of our front door.

hate comparision
hate comparision

We look at what others have, how they look, who we perceive them to be, and we see ourselves as lacking in some way. Comparing yourself to others inevitably leads to discontentment and unhappiness. Most of the time, our perceptions are skewed anyway. Focus on the person you are and the person YOU want to become — not some image or standard defined by others. Be true to yourself and stop worrying about how other people live their lives.

don’t judge

Another big source of discontentment is trying to control the people around us. We have standards or ideals for what we believe is right or good, and then we try to impose our standards on our spouse, children, family, and friends. We want them to think the way we think, believe what we believe, dress the way we think is appropriate, and spend money on things that are our priorities. When they don’t comply, we get upset and judge them as wrong or bad. Allow those around you to be themselves. Stop judging and accept them. If you simply can’t accept their choices or actions, or if they are making immoral or unethical choices, then release them from your life.

Love yourself
Love yourself

You are who you are right now. Accept that person. Just as you shouldn’t judge those around you, don’t judge yourself. You may not be your ideal self at this moment, but you can’t evolve into your ideal self when you are self-critical and shaming. Accept and love yourself today even as you strive to become better tomorrow. Remind yourself of all of the great and small things you’ve done to get to this point in your life. Acknowledge the love, kindness, and generosity you’ve shown. Commend your own hard work, creativity, and determination.

KEEP growing
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Contentment doesn’t mean you stagnate. You can define who you want to be and what you want in life and work toward that while remaining content in the here and now. In fact your efforts toward growth and self-improvement can provide a great deal of joy and contentment. Every action you take toward improving your life can be a fulfilling and satisfying experience. Be content in your daily work, and when those moments of pure happiness grace us, we can welcome them from a place of calm and peace.

However, mindful contentment practiced daily becomes a habit that fosters more and more peak happiness experiences.

As you are consciously satisfied with the life you have, you’re in a more confident, centered position to enhance your future. You see clearly what you want, what is most important, and how to create that in your life.

From a position of contentment, you can build a life that is not only peaceful and satisfying, but also one that draws you toward choices and circumstances that afford a deeper level of pleasure.
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