Jephthah Bowoto famously referred to and alluded to as Akpororo, is a Nigerian stand-up comic, vocalist, and on-screen character.

He is a native of Ilaje, Ondo State, Nigeria yet he was conceived and experienced childhood in Warri, a city in Delta State, Nigeria where he had his initial education.[2] His vocation began off as a neighborhood gospel artist until in 2008 when he went into the National Comedy Challenge by Opa Williams and proceeded to win the Calabar zone of the challenge.

In 2009, Akpororo moved to Lagos and challenged twice in the AY’s Open Mic Challenge, coming next in his first attempt and winning the challenge in his subsequent attempt. He rose to ubiquity in 2013 after his exhibition at “Basketmouth’s Laff and Jam” appear and proceeded to perform in a few satire show including “AY Live”.[4] On 12 August 2014, he organized his first significant parody show “Akpororo versus Akpororo” at the Shell Hall, MUSON Center. The lady occasion saw the participation of outstanding melodic acts and humorists.

In 2014, Akpororo dove into acting, featuring in the movies Headgone and The Antique; with the previous gaining him three assignments at the 2015 Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards.

His style of parody is essentially the combination of common and church-related jokes. In a meeting, he uncovered that he performs and splits jokes about neurotics since he was at one time a chaperon to rationally sick individuals who went to the congregation he was going to for profound healing.