Birth name :
Obinna Cletus Onyeabor
May 29,1996.  Abia State, Nigeria.
Obinna Cletus Onyeabor NALO(born May 29,1996), better known as Nalo (pronounced /ˈnalo/), is a Nigerian-born singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, beat producer and commercial actor. He rose to prominence at age of eight  when he start singing with his younger brother Kelechi.

2004 following the release of demo  “Never give up” before the real release of the track in 2017, in Nigeria, produced by Magwon.

the successful trendiness of the 2017 single result to the shortlisted  among the song packaged with the top10 unitytubes (M.A.P) Make Africa Promo 2017. the promo was accomplished with 20% promo discount for company partnership with . His second single, also produced by magwon recording studio, under the record company worldKlasz record. Nalo received many collaborative invites from other african music artists from Ghana,Nigeria to mention, freddo from Ghana, Allen, Akone moniglish,Young famous bravado and many more of Nigeria artists.

He is the first jams artist to hold both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 10 charts twice. Nalo has rated top 3rd in the list of top10 best song script creator of the moment, as he wrote 2 musical lyrics per week for by mico j, while the first is mizkiz allen of unity REKORDS three songs certified as 2× platinum, more than ten songs certified as 1× platinum and more than ten songs certified as gold in the studio in can yet to produce. Nalo has the ability to sing in two other languages includes : yoruba and igbo language. He was listed in the UNITYTUBES RESEARCH AWARD( U.R.A 2017) as hosted by unitytubes the competition deals with world facts research.

                                                   NALO | MUSIC ARTIST

 NAME –                                   Obinna Cletus Onyeabor
STAGE NAME –                   Nalo
BORN ON –                           1996, May 29
SCHOOL AT –                       Fatima Secondary Tech. School Isuikwuato,
PLACE OF BIRTH  –          Abia State, Nigeria                                          START TO SING –                At the age of 8years 
 FAMILY –                                  Kelechi our last my born
MUSIC CAREER CITY-     Ozara Isuikwuato Abia State

SONG –                                     NEVER GIVE UP