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 They are do things,character that differs from common behavior of people, by always mind how not to harm others physically or emotionally.    that defines who they are.

Integrity,humility,submissiveness, love,compassion, kindness and being generous are other trait of a good people.  You as a person should be ready to pay sacrifice to all these qualities. Being good,didn’t come easy nor is it natural.

They are opinion seeker for others’ approval, when they want to take action. Despite the fact you can’t be everyone’s favorite, neither can you please everyone they listen even doe it cost them nothing but respect for others opinions.       
they take things easy so they don’t always get off track and miss what its important to the majority.  

3. THEY ARE GENUINE:-  In the world of today, genuine people are been admired because, people buy benefits not brand, everybody associates with who will add value to them in several ways, the act of been real is their selling point that mark good people as attention gainer. Genuine people stands out 

Because they knew, to own a recognition in any society requires some qualities, so appreciate every supportive bony frame work behind their success so they can achieve more,  they carefully spend their time with people like money. every minutes has to count with transformation. .

 learn how to deal with negative feelings from time to time is another distinctive quality the uncommon good people have, everybody  has one or more negative urges they are dealing with. These set of people knows that dealing with them  fast is the most important part. they took their time to notice what causes it and how they can deal with it.  so that it wouldn’t occur again or when next they are in same situation they don’t get hurt in their responds.

Being honest goes a long way in our society today. Telling people the truth goes a long  way how  they perceive you to be and that is first antidotes  of trust. 
You have to practice honesty with your actions even when you’ve made mistakes.
Being honest when it’s difficult hurts and it’s not easy hurt one’s feelings. good seek that what i called hard moment as the norm in in life, that is why they are exceptional. I hope to be one of them from now on. WHAT ABOUT YOU?  

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Tips to Save Your Marriage (1)

OK, let’s get started. You know the saying, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes happily ever after”? End of story, right? Not quite… While it’s true that couples relax a bit after they’ve said their vows and tied the knot, the reality is that they may also find themselves puzzled if their fairytale starts slipping away.

Many people think that marriage is about marrying the right person, so when things start to go wrong they begin to worry that they’ve accidentally married the wrong person. Although you do want to marry someone you’re compatible with, marriage has a lot less to do with marrying the right person than it has to do with doing the right things with the person you married. In other words, relationships are a constant work in progress. If your marriage seems to be rocky, try these tips to restore the happy connection that made you say “I do” in the first place.

Analyze Yourself

A common assumption is that it takes both partners to save their marriage. This seems reasonable, but it just isn’t true. Unless your spouse has truly and completely given up on the relationship, it is possible for you to make sufficient changes to save the marriage. Perhaps not immediately, but over time it’s inevitable that the unhappy partner will notice the positive change in your behaviour and will respond to it.

Whether you know it or not, you and your spouse communicate in a revolving stimulus, a response pattern if you will. This means that when you do or say something, the stimulus and your partner reacts, and then you react to their reaction, and so on. The same thing occurs when your partner says or does something… the two of you have built up a pattern of habitual actions and reactions over time.

Since a couple is comprised of two individuals, a change in the behaviour of one person will have an impact on the other, and therefore the entire relationship. When the stimulus changes, there will be a new, different response. That new response will elicit another new and different response. If this happens enough, a new pattern of behaviours will emerge. Assuming the new actions and reactions are positive, the relationship takes a positive turn.

For example, if you have developed a habit of being disrespectful towards your spouse, she will have developed some kind of reaction or coping mechanism. If you stop disrespectful behavior, she won’t need to use her coping mechanism, and her reaction to you will chance.



1.They Eliminate negative people from their life – they are cancerous. They are energy vampires. You may need to find a new job or relationship. It may suck short-term but will boost your confidence long-term.

2.They Compliment others – getting compliment feels incredible! It also feels incredible giving them and helps develop your people skills at the same time.

3.They Do something good about their body every day – it doesn’t matter how much or how little. Just make a conscious effort, and the result will be a direct impact on how you feel about yourself.

4. They Develop their brain — feed your brain knowledge and stimulate it. Alpha doesn’t like to read (or have time) so he’s been crazy hooked on Audible | An Amazon Company Alpha recommends Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind.” The book talks about the importance of developing creative thinking, which creative thinkers will end up ruling the world. Alpha uses Audible in the car and while doing cardio. Get your free trial and audio book today.

5.They Help someone every day! You will feel amazing after doing something nice for someone. It’s a rush of endorphins and a self-esteem ‘shot in the ass’.





DEALER movie launching will hold 2 days after ileya celebration on 3rd September 2017.

The show is put in place by BUKKIE BELLO PRODUCTION to celebrate the break with cinema experience for movie and music lovers

It will host film actors actresses, also fast rising music artists performing after the RED CARPET followed by DEALER MOVIE on screen.


X-5 la fun Zone (Former Arena) 79/81,Ibadan Street, Ebute-metta Lagos.

3RD September, 2017

REGULAR =N= 2,000 | V.I.P =N= 5,000 | TABLES FOR FIVE =N= 25,000

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How to overcome shyness and increase confidence


Many people struggle with shyness and find it hard to overcome it . It can take some effort but it’s not impossible to open up and be confident .

1) Accept yourself :

You are who you are . The first step is acceptance . The universe wanted you to be this way . So stop resisting , accept yourself .What most people don‰’t understand is that it is impossible to be 100% perfect according to society. Everyone has insecurities; Continuously doubting yourself or thinking that you are’t capable of doing something is absolutely ridiculous.Be proud of who you are and show people you are confident.confidence is the first step to overcome shyness.
2) Find your front row :
Imagine you are performing on stage and ask
yourself who would you like as the front row audience. The answer will most likely be people who love and support you unconditionally and are always there for you . Identify these supportive people and work on becoming more open with them . Push yourself out of your comfort zone with these people because they are your safe zone . Over time you will gain confidence and be able to open to outsiders as well . Good friends and loving family can help you overcome shyness .

3) Stop the comparison game :   When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect stop constantly comparing yourself to others to the point where you are too insecure to act like yourself. So block out the noise and do the things you love, keep yourself happy , and above all respect yourself unconditionally . Truly Happy people are confident people .

4)Get out of your shell : as a shy person , I’m sure living in your shell feels very safe and comfortable but you have to get yourself out of your shell slowly and steadily .Start meeting more people , try and make new friends .Start attending public gatherings and parties that you would otherwise skip because you want to avoid people . Over time you will form a habit of talking more , socializing more and that will help you . Sticking to where your comfortable means you‰’ll never change and never overcome your shyness.

5)Perfect your posture : Your posture speaks a lot about how you feel about yourself , about how confident you are .If you slouch or show timid body language no one will take you seriously . And this can work the other way around also . If you perfect your posture … Stand tall , straighten your spine , give good eye contact then you will not only appear confident but over time start feeling confident too .

6) Don’t give up : It’s not easy to change yourself for the better . You may face rejection or some discomfort or unfriendliness while trying to overcome is OK , don’t lose hope and most importantly don’t give up . Keep trying and keep making effort you will get there.You can never get every single person to like you . People come with different personalities , different opinions . Just because you face rejection from a few people don’t stop your efforts to overcome your shy nature .

7) Make a list : Yes that’s right , make a list of things you will do to overcome shyness and stick to it . Do everything on that list and you will start feeling more confident .Start with a task that makes you feel the least nervous and slowly work up to the task that makes you feel most nervous . Do them at your own pace but make sure to push those boundaries. This activity will not only build your self-confidence but snap you out of that I can’t do it’s stage because you can!

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