Unitytubes is an online showbiz company based in Nigeria our team of media professionals specializes in Celebrity Talk show, motivational podcast online, and music production.


 A division of Unitytubes Corporation, is the premier online content network for inspiration and entertainment. through celebrity talk show, podcast, film documentary and music store. The Unitytubes incorporates viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and more.

Every weekend in this platform we upload a new talks show, music, and documentary, these is possible by group of expert, Lukman Ogundipe.Jelil Salau Ayinde. Josephine J. Alebiosu O. Mizkiz A, Taiwo O. And Mautin . and the biggest support from Nollywood and music industry ALL-STAR  from Africa  and their top 10 advice on living a happier, healthier Life  and more to the universe.


To create the finest possible showbiz that unites the entertainment industry and the fans, as we deliver unparalleled perspectives across the universe with our motivational showbiz and entertainment.


To embrace the culture of creativity and motivation in our profession; as a norm.

uniting the universe

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