A government is the system by which a state or community is governed. The policies and gestures of the government of a nation are greatly responsible for determining the lifestyle and conditions of the people residing in the country.

The tendency for GOVERNMENT with high self-esteem to make overstated assessments and predictions about themselves carries the risk of making commitments that exceed capabilities, thus leading to failure. These these government chose their performance contingencies in a framework where larger rewards were linked to a greater risk of failure. In the absence of ego threat, the govern body with high self-esteem showed superior self-regulation: They set appropriate goals and performed effectively. Ego threat, 

however, caused  itself with high self-esteem to set inappropriate, risky goals that were beyond their performance capabilities so they ended up with smaller rewards than the government with low self-esteem. The results indicate the danger of letting egotistical illusions interfere with self-regulation processes.

The world has demonstrated massive support for democracy as the underlying principle of governance. At the same time much Government official express dissatisfaction with the way democracy works in practice. People who believe in the principles of democracy, while at the same time expressing discontent with the gratification of their political office are often referred to as critical leaders, or dissatisfied democrats.

However, the phenomenon of dissatisfied elected official has not received as much empirical attention as it has been discussed theoretically in many countries around the world.As many leaders refused to leave the office after been defeated by opponent.

When a developing country. At the present time, it is facing a number of problems. For example, overpopulation, illiteracy, child labor, corruption, poverty, etc. These problems act as hindrance in the way of development of the country and hence, it is the need of the hour that appropriate amendments should be made that our country can get rid of all these problems. Who should strategies? Governments if they fail to because they are clueless.

Corruption refers to the dishonest behavior of those in position of power. This is one of the major problems which are adversely affecting each and every citizen of the country. And at the present day, it is one of the very hot issues of concern. I will consider greed as the root cause of this major problem. Everyone in the country is running after money, forgetting the basic moral values and ethics.

They called it their entitlement

Also, it is observed that corruption in the government sector is more significant than that in the private sector. What is the reason for this? The major reason that lies behind this is the huge difference in the pay scale of the people working in the government sector and the ones employed in the private companies. Every human being has same set of basic requirements. Regardless of their jobs, they need same amount of facilities and resources to satisfy their basic needs.

Implementation is the realization of an application, or execution of a plan, idea, model, design, standard, policy. The government of any nation that from time to time keeps making rules and regulations that favors current assembly. And these rules can prove out to be very beneficial for the country. But, it is very rare that these rules get implemented to an appreciable level. But the system only increase the debt pocket of so called country. These is  the result.

Education is the key for the locks of all sorts of problems. The eradication of illiteracy can help the country in achieving laurels. The government should take effective steps so as to educate each and every person of the country. Not only primary education, but proper facilities should be made to provide higher education as well. The youth has the desire to live in a world where there is an easy access to the latest technologies and better education facilities. It is a matter of disgrace that although our country has a large number of universities and colleges, (at almost every nook and corner); but not even a single university has the desired capability of achieving a position even among the top hundred universities of the world. The government should take sufficient effective steps to raise the level of education in the country. It should be made sure that these requirements of the youth must be fulfilled to an excellent level as it is beneficial for the country in the long run.


When the government forgotten That, the youth forms a major section of the society. The actions of the youth in the present day will be the habits of the representative citizens of tomorrow. The system they operates create space growth of offspring, that  after a lot of stress to graduate, unemployment is the case they have a propensity to  sojourn in another country why their soil their needs their resources    It is very much essential that the government should satisfy the needs and requirements of the youths.

A bad government ordinary denies its citizens the rights provided by the constitution to stand against oppression, injustice, and abuse without resorting to violence.And these governments made the life of the citizen depends upon their aspiring complicated structure to the extent that the intellectual properties of the in citizen will be programmed by governments from constitutions to policy.

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