DEALER movie launching will hold 2 days after ileya celebration on 3rd September 2017.

The show is put in place by BUKKIE BELLO PRODUCTION to celebrate the break with cinema experience for movie and music lovers

It will host film actors actresses, also fast rising music artists performing after the RED CARPET followed by DEALER MOVIE on screen.


X-5 la fun Zone (Former Arena) 79/81,Ibadan Street, Ebute-metta Lagos.

3RD September, 2017

REGULAR =N= 2,000 | V.I.P =N= 5,000 | TABLES FOR FIVE =N= 25,000

 08122703828, 08134835271

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08122703828, 08134835271

How to overcome shyness and increase confidence


Many people struggle with shyness and find it hard to overcome it . It can take some effort but it’s not impossible to open up and be confident .

1) Accept yourself :

You are who you are . The first step is acceptance . The universe wanted you to be this way . So stop resisting , accept yourself .What most people don‰’t understand is that it is impossible to be 100% perfect according to society. Everyone has insecurities; Continuously doubting yourself or thinking that you are’t capable of doing something is absolutely ridiculous.Be proud of who you are and show people you are confident.confidence is the first step to overcome shyness.
2) Find your front row :
Imagine you are performing on stage and ask
yourself who would you like as the front row audience. The answer will most likely be people who love and support you unconditionally and are always there for you . Identify these supportive people and work on becoming more open with them . Push yourself out of your comfort zone with these people because they are your safe zone . Over time you will gain confidence and be able to open to outsiders as well . Good friends and loving family can help you overcome shyness .

3) Stop the comparison game :   When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect stop constantly comparing yourself to others to the point where you are too insecure to act like yourself. So block out the noise and do the things you love, keep yourself happy , and above all respect yourself unconditionally . Truly Happy people are confident people .

4)Get out of your shell : as a shy person , I’m sure living in your shell feels very safe and comfortable but you have to get yourself out of your shell slowly and steadily .Start meeting more people , try and make new friends .Start attending public gatherings and parties that you would otherwise skip because you want to avoid people . Over time you will form a habit of talking more , socializing more and that will help you . Sticking to where your comfortable means you‰’ll never change and never overcome your shyness.

5)Perfect your posture : Your posture speaks a lot about how you feel about yourself , about how confident you are .If you slouch or show timid body language no one will take you seriously . And this can work the other way around also . If you perfect your posture … Stand tall , straighten your spine , give good eye contact then you will not only appear confident but over time start feeling confident too .

6) Don’t give up : It’s not easy to change yourself for the better . You may face rejection or some discomfort or unfriendliness while trying to overcome is OK , don’t lose hope and most importantly don’t give up . Keep trying and keep making effort you will get there.You can never get every single person to like you . People come with different personalities , different opinions . Just because you face rejection from a few people don’t stop your efforts to overcome your shy nature .

7) Make a list : Yes that’s right , make a list of things you will do to overcome shyness and stick to it . Do everything on that list and you will start feeling more confident .Start with a task that makes you feel the least nervous and slowly work up to the task that makes you feel most nervous . Do them at your own pace but make sure to push those boundaries. This activity will not only build your self-confidence but snap you out of that I can’t do it’s stage because you can!

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best Secrets to Sell Your Product Fast

Marketing is the soul of any company. Even a quality product will not sell successfully if marketing is weak.


1. Ensure the Quality







Will you buy a television whose picture quality is poor or which develops a fault every few days? Will you go for a car which is often out of order and becomes a sheer headache? Of course, never. You will go for a quality product that provides value.
Therefore ensure the quality of a product which you are going to sell. You can’t make the people fool for long even if you are able to make a sale in the beginning. Bad products go out of market soon.

2. Tag with Right Price


Nobody is going to buy toothpaste in 50 bucks if other good brands are available in about 20 bucks. Rational pricing of a product is as necessary as its quality.

3. Keep a Unique Quality


Your product must have a quality which the competing products are not having. People love something new. If there are other good products in the market it will be difficult for you to sell your product with similar features.

4. Never Request, Show the Need


If you request or advise the people to buy a product they won’t show any enthusiasm to buy it. Why should they spend their hard-earned money just because you are requesting. Instead tell whey they need it. How it will be highly useful for them.

5. Stress for Action

To sell a new product you must lure people to buy them. Offer discount or a free gift for a certain period. Or use some other idea that will persuade the people to buy it fast.

6. Build Relationship, Keep Knocking


Build relationships with your customer with sweet talk. Show them the benefits they will get in future with your relationship. By this way you can knock at their doors, contact them on mobile or send them frequent emails. Most of them won’t mind and many of them will buy sooner or later

How To Be Positive Mindset | THINK BIG | CREATIVITY

How To Be Positive – Mindset

think positive
think positive

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life”.
If you want to achieve success and happiness, you need to be optimistic. There are countless benefits of positive attitude. It’s a state of mind that we should all be develop. When we adopt it as a way of life, changes slowly unfold around us. We become happier, brighter, and more successful.
However, thoughts and attitude do not change overnight. Some inner work has to be done. For this week’s Mindset Monday, we will give you the 3 things that can help you stay in a positive state!

1) Recognize when you are not being positive.

It’s very important that you acknowledge where you are right now. Assess your current state. Are you being negative? Do you easily see the negativity of things?

If you recognise that you are in a negative state early on, you give yourself an ample time to address it, before it gets worse and become contagious. So start the process in pieces. Think about how you can step out of that negative zone by looking at the brighter side of a negative situation. Maybe, you can think about the smallest things that you feel grateful of. And do it again, and again, and repeat the cycle. In no time, you will slowly feel this change in you. And you will gradually embrace positivity in your life.

2) Practice it.

practice it

It’s about pouring your mind with positive thoughts constantly, so that you can get rid of the negativities. We clean our bodies by pouring in clean water, and same goes with positive thoughts that we fuel into our mindsets. When we practice optimism, we begin realizing that life can be viewed in a better picture. We don’t have to lock ourselves in a prison cell barred with doubts, fears and insecurities.

Let go of the negative thoughts and embrace the positive side, anytime and anywhere.

3) Laugh at yourself!

laugh yourself
laugh yourself

We don’t have to take life seriously, all the time. We sometimes find ourselves in a ridiculous or awkward situation. Instead of blaming ourselves or thinking how we messed up. why don’t we just laugh about it and move forward? That way, you can let go of the negativity that surrounds in a negative situation. And start radiating a positive aura by laughing at yourself. If you can afford to laugh at yourself, you can start sharing laughter with others.

Be happy, my friend! It takes a positive mind to unlock the keys of success and happiness. Live with it slowly, one positive step at a time!


Gbonolowo | Bim | MBLC records


The prominent musician of MBLC Records BIM , who is known for his Soul music style from Nigeria  is here again with the most anticipated single “Gbonolowo”  produced by  Mystro.

The track was mixed and mastered by Africa’s leading sound engineer Swaps.

Listen and Download below: